Technical and business paths forward

Why large oil companies should be interested in this approach

“Oil companies risk wasting $2.3 trillion of investments should demand peak in the next decade as the world works toward its goal of limiting global warming, according to a report from Carbon Tracker.” This is termed an "overhang of unneeded CAPEX"


Technical path forward:  Further details are provided, including the overall integration of needed technical tasks; key issues which must be addressed in order to generate the next-level package which (barring any surprises) could be suitable for further investment, development, and implementation; and elements of the technical path forward in recent proposals.   

Business path forward:  Further details are provided, including an overall long-term roadmap to implementation.  Some general considerations and challenges inherent in trying to move forward what economists call a large "public good" within the field of energy supply (which is essentially a commercial activity) are identified and discussed.  The budget from one recent pre-proposal on this subject is included. 

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