The Cool it, Earth! team now includes

12 world experts
(listed alphabetically; click underlined text for key accomplishments)

• Prof. Bill David and Dr. Josh Makepeace, both of Oxford University, Chemistry.  Leads on low-cost cracking.  Discoverers of low-cost ammonia cracking catalysts; continuing this work at Oxford.

• Michael Eby, Research Associate, Univ. of Victoria.  Climate modelling lead.  Developed the UVic Earth Systems Model that predicted SAT reduction from ocean upwelling.

• Pat Grandelli. Lead for environmental effects of grazing OTEC plants, and co-lead on small low-cost floating OTEC plant.  Author of the  major DoE study on plume modelling for OTEC upwelling

• Prof. Raphael Kudela, Ocean Sciences, Univ. of Calif., Santa Cruz.  Lead for firming up absence of harmful algal blooms for open-ocean OTEC plants.  World-leading researcher on HAB’s.

• Prof. Terrence Meyer, Mechanical Engg., Purdue University. Lead on extending flame-holder work for minimizing NOx and NH3 emissions.  Co-inventor of the flame-holder for ammonia.

•Dr. Alan K. Miller, Founder, Cool it, Earth! (LLC). Principal Investigator.  Inventor of “Mitigating Global Warming by OTEC-induced Ocean Upwelling”.  Inventor of Lockheed Martin OTEC Cold Water Pipe

•Dr. CB Panchal, President, E3Tec Service, LLC.  Lead for grazing OTEC plants.  Lead author on 2009 ANL report on design and cost estimation for grazing OTEC plant-ships

•Steve Rizea, President, Rizea Engineering, LLC.  Chief Operating Officer.  Lead on small low-cost floating OTEC plant.    Created the MOTEM Model which optimizes cost and thermodynamics for OTEC power plants. 

•Prof. Greg Shaver, Mechanical Engg., Purdue University. Lead on use of cracked ammonia in reciprocating engines.  Long experience minimizing engine emissions with alternative fuels.

•Paul Smith, Founder/Manager, OceanSmith, LLC.  Lead for cost estimation and ammonia transport tasks.  Co-author of Lockheed Martin DoE report on OTEC Life Cycle Cost Assessment

•Paul Vroomen, University of California.  Senior Business Advisor.   CEO of 3 companies and VP/GM of 3 others in the semiconductor and venture capital fields

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